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Department of Sociocultural Communication and International Relations

In January 2016 Larysa Dmytrivna Berezivska, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Director of V. Sukhomlynskyi State Scientific and Educational Library of Ukraine, initiated the establishment of the Department of Sociocultural Communication and International Contacts on the basis of the Sociocultural Communication Sector.

The main objectives of the Department are to maintain and develop the library’s sociocultural communication as a component of information support for the educational sphere; to establish international contacts in the course of integration of Ukraine into the European scientific and educational space; to create a successful image of the library as an establishment of informational type.

Main activities carried out at the Department

1. Scientific research.
2. Scientific-library activity.
3. Implementation and monitoring of implementation of scientific research results.
4. Scientific cooperation.
5. Mass scientific and practical events.
6. International cooperation.
7. Mass media and public relations.

Main tasks of the Department

  • to carry out scientific research on assisting users in meeting their information and sociocultural needs.
  • to study and introduce innovation techniques, forms and methods of arranging and conducting scientific-information and cultural-educational events which should meet information and education needs of the main categories of users at present and in the future.
  • to introduce the results of scientific research on the development of sociocultural activity into the practice of the system of education libraries under the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine.
  • to monitor the process of introduction of research findings on completed scientific research carried out at the Department into the practice of the system of education libraries under the MES of Ukraine and the NAES of Ukraine.
  • to establish sociocultural cooperation between the library and scientific establishments of the NAES of Ukraine and the MES of Ukraine, other scientific and educational establishments of all levels, public organisations, mass media; to involve them in taking part in the events taken place at the library, and carry out common scientific projects.
  • to organise andconduct scientific-information and cultural-educational events (scientific-educational lectures, pedagogical readings, round tables, teachers’ meetings, art exhibitions, presentations, various meetings, etc.).
  • to provide scientific methodological, organisational and consultative service to the library staff busy with arranging and conducting international events, and entering into cooperation with foreign institutions.
  • to carry out international activity taking part in various international projects, visit and exchange programmes; to arrange cultural-educational events together with foreign institutions; to prepare documents for concluding agreements about partnership.
  • to develop cooperation between the library and related foreign institutions (libraries, archives, museums, scientific organisations, educational establishments and centres, etc.), other professional organisations, funds, and charitable organisations in Ukraine and abroad.
  • to popularize the sociocultural and international library activity via preparing materials for publishing in the professional Ukrainian and foreign periodicals, another kinds of mass media.
  • to prepare and load the material about information events carried out by the Department on the library web portal.
  • to present the activity of the library and the Department on
  • to arrange promotion (preparation and distribution of booklets, announcements, invitations, press releases, etc.).




Yakubovskyi Vitalii Ihorovych
Position Title: Senior Researcher.
Scientific Degree: PhD (Philology)
Sphere of Scientific Interests: sociocultural communication, complex information events, philology.

Kryvonosova Olena Volodymyrivna
Position Title: Researcher.
Sphere of Scientific Interests: sociocultural communication, complex information events, corporate culture.

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